Thursday, September 1, 2011

Special times

Being a dog of land locked Rutland, there is nothing I like more than heading to the coast.

Watching boats come in and out of the harbour, drinking a little wine with friends......

Just don't ask me to get on a boat.

Lurchers don't do water.


  1. Hound you looked terribly well suited to the genteel marine lifestyle and work is that you had a most splendid time, may I suggest a jaunty angled hat too? xxx

  2. Hound, you look a bit squiffy... has she been feeding you gin again?

  3. Beautiful looking houndie - my greyhound loves helping with the boxes when I do wedding work at home. Unfortunately he has yet to learn that sometimes boxes have flowers in and that they are NOT edible :-)

  4. too cute.
    hey....they've got to wine and dine too!!